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What has been an incredible year for Irish films will no doubt be rounded off by Gold – a quirky and heart-warming comedy of errors centred on a winter in the life of Abbie (Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams). Abbie is set on running through the troubles of teenage years, spurred on by her stepdad Frank McGunn (James Nesbitt) an indomitable powerhouse of a P.E. teacher who becomes obsessed with training Abbie to run using his patented running technique – The Way of the McGunn.

All is going smoothly until Abbie’s estranged father Ray (David Wilmot) surprises everyone by coming back onto the scene. Recovering from mental illness, Ray seeks a temporary refuge with
Abbie’s mother Alice (Kerry Condon), and much to the chagrin of Frank. Offering the opposite of Frank’s regimented outlook, Ray sets out to re-establish connections with Alice and Abbie and to
find his own place in the world.

Gold sits alongside Run and Jump as one of the standout Irish films of the year. It is the kind of simple film that contains unexpected thematic depths on our struggles with physical and mental
health, and our search for identity and belonging. Maisie Williams and David Wilmot are superb, working with a clever and well-crafted story that beautifully captures the melancholy and madness of adolescence, whatever age that might occur at.

Fans of coming of age films like Juno or Little Miss Sunshine will not be disappointed by the off-beat humour, heartfelt story, and great soundtrack.

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