Network Magazine: April – May – June edition


The latest edition of Network Magazine is released across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Pieces include:

  • exclusive interview with Prof. Ivor Browne on psychotherapy in Ireland
  • interview with Dr. Paramabandhu Groves and Dr. Valerie Mason-John on mindfulness and addiction
  • interview with Frances Black from the RISE Foundation on addiction support for families
  • exploring the Jungian concept of the Shadow with Jungian psychotherapist Jasbinder Garnermann
  • St. Brigid’s pilgrimage walk with Dolores Whelan
  • Jungian Psychological Astrology with Margaret Gray
  • Perinatal Psychology with Jungian psychotherapist Benig Mauger
  • Mindfulness and Children by teacher of mindfulness Lorraine Murray
  • The psychological benefits of exercise with psychotherapist Sinead Lynch

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